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Competition grade accuracy with combat level reliability, the SPHINX SDP raises the bar for performance duty pistols

Embedded in the world famous mountain scenery of Eiger, Mönch and Jungfrau, in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Sphinx Systems Ltd is successfully producing high-precision handguns for the Law Enforcement Community, the Army, and the Shooting Sports, as well as for individual clients.

For many years now, IPSC shooters and Police Corps around the world have placed their trust in Sphinx weapons.
Sphinx Systems Ltd. is the last remaining weapons manufacturer in Switzerland whose products are officially accepted and registered as “Swiss Ordnance Pistols”. In order to obtain this highly regarded certification, Sphinx went through official governmental quality tests and trials. Now, Sphinx is on an international triumphant tour as more and more Police units, as well as Special Operations Teams around the world carry Sphinx pistols.

Decades of development, production and experience gives each award winning model unique and outstanding performance characteristics. The user can expect reliability, precision parts, rugged construction, and an optimized ergonomical design.
On the basis of our flexible development and production, as well as the concept of a modular system, all needs of the client concerning quality and individualism can be fulfilled. Regardless of the size of an order – 1 or 1,000 pieces – Sphinx Systems Ltd. sets a high standard for quality and value. We strive to ensure the satisfaction of our clients with responsive customer service.

Our patented design features one-of-a-kind material concepts like Titanium and Aluminum, making each Sphinx pistol an extraordinary, high performance device. All pistols must go through stringent quality control stages and must pass a drop-test, exposure to sand and mud, extreme temperatures, an overpressure test, a parts precision inspection, and long-time loading tests, just to name a few.
Sphinx pistols are the products of knowledge, competence and many years of experience. Behind every pistol stand professional craftsmen who practice their handicraft with extraordinary diligence and passion. A Sphinx pistol is not assembled, it is crafted. The Sphinx reputation is based on Swiss quality and its fine tradition.

The fundamentals of our success are the sense of tradition and increased awareness of our client’s needs, their demand for high quality, and the flexibility that our products provide.