D. Kenourgios S.A.

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38 years now

We provide top defence and training systems to our customers in private and public sector


KENOURGIOS established in Greece and being in the market for over 38 years now, in the areas of Defense Systems and Security, is always covering a huge spectrum of activities to these sensitive areas by providing specialized studies, supplies, installations and of course training and technical support for the materialization of defense programs to the Greek territory. We have the ability and the proper expertise for many years now, by having in its energetic specialized and always properly trained personnel. Our company has in its energetic supplies, training and maintenances to the Hellenic Police, to the Hellenic Army, to the Hellenic Air Force, to the Coast Guard and generally to others Public and Private Customers. Our company is cooperating with well known abroad manufacturers in order to provide complete solutions and also has the exclusive representation in Greece of InVeris Training Solutions (ex Meggit - FATS), a world leader in its producing line by also having the design and manufacturing of Simulators, Shooting Ranges and other products, in order to give to the global market the most high tech ever developed systems in this area of technology, which are finally the most known systems worldwide.